Ride on 1727 2008

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Venician Surf Shop’s Jimmy V and partner’s new board store and more. Eco-friendly boards, decks, cloths and accessories. Opens April 27, 3pm.

Anderson Surfboards on 0210 2008

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A Venice institution…in Marina Del Rey. Scott Anderson is a popular and respected local surfboard shaper. Want to give someone a custom board? This is the place to come. Anderson and Aqua Tech share space so you can always get your boards repaired here, too

Horizons West on 0210 2008

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OGs (since ’77). Hardcore surf shop.

ZJ Boarding House on 0210 2008

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The largest and busiest board store, gear and apparel spot in the Dogtown environs. Skateboards, snowboards, surfboards, set-ups and accessories, wetsuits and sportswear.

Mollusk on 029 2008

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The art of surfing. Mollusk’s original shop is in San Francisco, a surf shop/art gallery associated with artist Barry McGee and the Beautiful Losers contemporary art and street culture movement.

Ocean Echo on 029 2008

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You can find Roy, the owner, surfing at the pier most mornings. He’s the shredder with the 1000-yard stare. You should buy stuff from him because of that alone.