Life On Venice: Jetty on 313 2008

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Surfer, jetty, sea.

Digital Photograph
© Kent Andersson

Aug. 3, 2008
Stingray Alley
Venice, California

METRO SURF on 0320 2008

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If surfing is the new golf—and I think we can all agree that it kinda is—then Venice is one of those hardscrabble city courses. Balthustrol the breakwater ain’t…

Venice Breakwater on 0211 2008

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Stoked to hang ten on memory lane? Paddle out at the Breakwater. Someone is sure to call you kook in homage to those storied aggro days of the ’70s. Pull the guy’s leash for me, will you?

Mollusk on 029 2008

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The art of surfing. Mollusk’s original shop is in San Francisco, a surf shop/art gallery associated with artist Barry McGee and the Beautiful Losers contemporary art and street culture movement.