Girl with the Anime Ink on 197 2008

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When you say someone has Japanese style tattoos, you don’t usually mean Hello Kitty — unless you’re talking about Venice, California’s Malina Huang.

Re-Ink-R-Nation on 1829 2008

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Attention ladies: Re-Ink-R-Nation specializes in women’s tattoos and piercing — from Japanese kanji brush style tattoos to fixing ugly tattoos from your past (hence the shop’s name) to permanent make-up tattoos that look completely natural. At least according to Mamasan, the artist and piercer. Actually, male tattoo artists along the boardwalk regularly send Mamasan clients who need her special skills with female body art.

Mamasan speaks JAPANESE.

S.T. Tattoo Studio on 1112 2008

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Suicidal Tendencies’ “Cyco Miko” Muir and artist Jason Brown’s Venice Blvd tattoo and piercing parlor is known for SoCal black & grey style tattoos. Mike and brother Jim Muir (who skated with the Z-Boys skateboarding team and whose Dogtown Skateboards are legendary) are Venice natives. Whether it’s ink or piercing you’re looking for, S.T. Tattoos Studios is the place to come for authentic, local style work.

Buzzbomb Tattoo on 0711 2008

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Marissa’s fine tattoo artistry is much in demand along the boardwalk. Buzzbomb, itself, isn’t much to look at, but Marissa’s ink art is. If you’ve come to the beach for a tattoo, make sure to consider Marissa.

Old Glory on 0210 2008

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Say you need a tattoo and a haircut. That’s why they invented Old Glory. It’s two parlours in one. Talk about 30-minute make-over. Seriously, you want a traditional American tattoo in the spirit of legends Sailor Jerry and Ed Hardy, Old Glory Tattoo’s owner, Kevin Hinton, is the man to see. Kevin specializes in nautical tattoos, which he’s got quite a few of, himself. He’s also practiced at Irezumi, or Japanese-style tattoo art.

All Star Tattoo & Piercing on 029 2008

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You’re practically sitting on the beach when you’re getting inked at this boardwalk fixture. One of several popular Venice Beach tattoo parlors owned (at least in part) by Sean Heirigs, All Star offers both ink and piecing. And a beachside view.

Andy Nevill’s Tattoo Asylum on 029 2008

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Let’s face it, there’s always someone (your mom) who’s going to call you crazy for getting a tattoo. Why not agree? Tell ’em you actually got your ink in the Asylum. That oughta shut ’em up. Tattoo Asylum is a longtime Venice fixture and popular spot for crazy tattoos…like the name implies.

House of Ink on 028 2008

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Make that houses of ink. House of Ink owner Sean Heirigs is perhaps the boardwalk’s leading tattoo impresario: He not only owns two House of Inks within spitting distance of one another, he also owner or co-owner of nearby Tattoo Asylum, All Star Tattoo & Piercing and Lincoln Blvd’s Ink Monkey.

Venice Tattoo & Piercing on 028 2008

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Like the sign says, ink and body mods are what this shop specializes in. One of several Venice Boardwalk tattoo establishments where both ink and piercing are available.

S & S Tattoo and Body Piercing on 028 2008

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Right next to the Venice Boardwalk Freak Show, which could be either cautionary or inspirational, depending on your frame of mind. S & S boasts a commanding view of both the famed Venice boardwalk and the beach.

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