Town House on 0211 2008

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Local dive gets a face lift, starts serving martinis—you know the story. The good news: it’s actually kinda better…and still not terminally hip.

Cabo Cantina on 0210 2008

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Free liquor! This place has more happy hours than Blinky the Clown. And the ambience…think Best Buys with booze. If you want inexpensive Mexican food and strong drinks, Cabo Cantina is the place for you. On Washington a block from the Venice Pier.

Air Conditioned Supper Club on 0210 2008

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Someone fix the Feng Shui. Live music. Clubs on different nights.

Red Garter on 0210 2008

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No more bar fights. Red Garter’s been tarted up. Martinis uber alles.

Venice Whaler on 029 2008

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Heinous on the outside, not much better in, the Whaler can be a rowdy bummer…or, when the crowds aren’t around, a nice place for an ocean view brew.

The Brig on 012 2008

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The place had more character before the remake a few years back.

The Terrace Cafe on 012 2008

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On the border of Venice and Marina del Rey at Washington Blvd and the beach, the Terrace opens early and keeps serving ’til late (full dinners ’til 1am!). There’s a covered outdoor area that’s popular for dining at all times of the day or night. The cafe serves everything from Poached Salmon “Odessa Style” (the owner is Russian), to Maine Lobster to Omaha Steaks. And the drinks, well, they’re strong.
Daily 8am – 2am (serving full dinner ’til 1am!)

Hinano Cafe on 012 2008

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Good place to drink off a night of drinking and play a little pool. Friends swear by the burgers, but it’s bar mistress Mary Alice keeps me coming back. Burgers, tuna melts, breakfast burritos.
Daily 8am – 2am

Danny’s Venice Deli on 011 2008

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This newish place, on Windward Ave right at the beach, has awesome food. It’s maybe a couple bucks too expensive, but what isn’t these days (besides my pontifications)? Love the drawings and paintings of famous/infamous locals and icons on the walls. Deli food and full bar.
Monday – Friday 10:30am-10pm — Breakfast – 3pm / Lunch -l 5pm
Happy hour from 4pm-6pm — Dinner starts 5pm
Saturday – Sunday 10am-10pm — Brunch – 3pm / Lunch -l 5pm / Dinner starts 5pm