Graffiti Induces Colorblindness on 3527 2008

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I should probably publish this discovery in Nature or some other peer reviewed journal. But what a hassle, so here goes: Graffiti is visible only in black or white. Yes, people often appear to see red when their homes and workplaces are bombed, but that’s only further proof that despite what you think you see, there is no gray area where graffiti’s concerned, let alone color.

The Fastest Walls in the West on 3526 2008

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Wake up and smell the Krylon! Actually, I don’t recommend it, though I often do it. Not because I’m into huffing paint, mind you, but because I often roll directly out of the wrapper and up the local bike path past the public graffiti walls at the Venice Beach “Pits.”

Graffiti Wall: Ich Bin Ein Venician on 3525 2008

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The Venice Pits, now known as the Venice Art Walls, are a point of contention in my neighborhood. They seemed like an apt metaphor for the tension between graff writers and taggers, and a general public that doesn’t much care that there can be a difference between the two.

Six-Hour Wall (time-lapse graffiti writing) on 3421 2008

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I was at the Venice Pits all day with graff writers Dytch66, Gil and Gozer but this time-lapse piece is all Didrik Johnck — the shooting, the editing. Okay, I messed up the titles and blathered on the soundtrack, but other than that it’s all D-track.

Venice Art Walls Art Auction Fundraiser on 232 2008

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The Venice Art Walls need funding. City cutbacks are leaving those trying to keep this Venice institution afloat while responding to neighbors’ concerns about tagging in the neighborhood without funding. Go spend some money on works created by some of the cream of the crop of L.A. street artists and support a good cause.