Drum Circle On-Deck Circle on 0212 2008

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In the hours leading up to a full-fledged drum circle there’s often a warm up—a drum circle on-deck-circle—taking place on a beach-side grassy knoll near Ocean Front Walk and Breeze Ave. There you’ll find an assortment of rhythm-crazy revelers, conga players and bongo beaters. Lots of folks who march to the beat of a different drum as you’d expect at a Venice Beach drum come together.

Good See Co. on 0210 2008

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Sunglasses galore (good ones). Watches, too. A broad range of accessories. I really like the owners here. They’re always pleasant and helpful, which is helpful, given the abundance of choice.

Charly Temmel on 012 2008

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World famous Charly Temmel ice cream on the world famous Venice boardwalk. Go on, slather yourself in it. You won’t be the first. Not here…

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