Ride on 1727 2008

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Venician Surf Shop’s Jimmy V and partner’s new board store and more. Eco-friendly boards, decks, cloths and accessories. Opens April 27, 3pm.

Venice Beach Skate Park on 0529 2008

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The birthplace of modern skateboarding is about to finally get a bona fide skate park. Venice’s current, modest skating area, adjacent to the Public Art Walls on the site of the old Venice Pavilion (or Venice Pits), already plays host daily to plenty of ollie-ing groms and the odd street skating OG. It’s already the only beach side skate park in Cali. Still, given Venice’s place in the skating pantheon, it’s about time it had its own state-of-the-art park.

Arbor on 029 2008

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Big bamboo! Sk8r punks go green. In style. Bamboo clothes that are as soft as a baby’s butt. Eco-friendly skateboards and snowboards. Go to Arbor and spend money.