Import Scene: Hi-Octane, Multi-Culti, Custom-Car Culture Cluster#%$! on 3314 2008

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When it comes to Asian fusion, Wolfgang Puck has nothing on the import scene. By which I mean the custom car culture mash-up of Japanese cool, cars and motor sports, homegrown hip-hop and throbbing speed metal, drift cars and drag racing, tricked-out spokesmodels and homeboy car clubs, crotch rockets and rice burners, wide-body show cars, rampant commercialism, cosmetic body kits, pumping adrenaline and raging testosterone.

Who’s the Tuners, G? on 3313 2008

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This is the vid I’d figured would lead the import scene coverage. Josh Payton, who was responsible for anything you liked about how the Underground site looked, shot some of the HIN footage. Josh focused largely on the spokesmodels, in keeping with the general spirit of the event.

Pink Godzira Drift Club on 3313 2008

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Brian Harte and the Pink Godzira drift club, a loose and amusing collective of young SoCal drift enthusiasts I met at Willow Springs Speedway in the high desert.

Just Drift at Willow Springs Speedway on 3313 2008

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In this vid, I’m taken drifting at Willow Springs Budweiser Balcony track by Charlie Ongsingco and John TK of Los Angeles/Las Vegas-based Just Drifit organization. We’re accompanied by a nice loop by Dirk.

My Beef With Cowpokin’ on 3312 2008

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In case you’re wondering, I do have a beef with gay rodeoin’. But it’s not the rampant violation of No Shirt, No Service policy I witnessed at the LA Gay Rodeo.

Gay Rodeo Makes You Limp on 3312 2008

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The 2006 LA Gay Rodeo made me limp (but only because I hadn’t worn boots for a while and I was on my feet for hours). Otherwise, I was good to go, as I sensed plenty of cowgirls and boys at the rodeo were.

Gay rodeo ain’t fer sissies on 3312 2008

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My first reaction to the 2006 LA Gay Rodeo was: Are you JOKING, GAY PEOPLE! It’s an election year! aren’t you already dealing with enough bull*%#? (Or should I say guacamole? Guacamoled is rodeospeak for when a dim-witted cow craps itself all over you, as in Ann Coulter just guacamoled me.)

Goat Dressing on 232 2008

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Goat dressing was to be the subject of the third gay rodeo event. It was kind of a no-brainer, though at first I wasn’t as gung ho on the idea as Neeraj was. But he was right in feeling like we should do a clip on the event, if for no other reason than to attracts viewer to our much more thoughtful coverage (Gay Rodeo Makes You Limp, for example, a written nugget to be deconstructed here soon).

Gay Rodeo Curious on 2230 2008

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I had two more videos on the gay rodeo to make fast. I’d gotten wind of a thing called Internet porn with coy category names like bi-curious. Given that it alluded to internet porn, I figured it was safe to assume EVERYONE IN THE WORLD would get the joke of a clip named Gay Rodeo Curious. Plus, it was an appropriate name for a “This is Gay Rodeo”-type clip.

The Ballad of Winnie Baygo’s Thrashed Undercarriage on 2229 2008

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I’m not so into treating animals badly. Plus I’m not gay- No, I swear. So officially kicking off the new gig by covering the 2006 L.A. Gay Rodeo might seem WTF-worthy, particularly given Yahoo’s determination to be perceived as MOR — despite its dirty, big, non-secret, Yahoo Groups.

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